Let’s get Shantae in Smash

Ishantae received an e-mail from WayForward about Shantae and Smash Bros. Apparently she’s near the top of the Smash ballot, there are only a couple days left for voting, and they are trying to help push her even closer towards winning so she can be in Nintendo’s fighting game. As one of the backers for her new game, Half-Genie Hero, I feel compelled to help spread the word, even though I voted for Isaac from Golden Sun. Below are the links to get this character included!

United States – https://cp.nintendo.co.jp/us/
Japan – 
Europe – 

Super Smash Bros currently only has 11 women in it, two of which are duplicates of other fighters in the same outfit, one is a mii so doesn’t count, and two more can be switched out for dudes. In other words, there are really like only 6 characters in this game.

Shantae is needed for battle.


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