Nintendo, as a company, sort of sucks.

Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my Wii U as much as the next person, who keeps complaining because all of their favorite 3rd party games went to Sony. Any complaints about Wii U though are minor compared to how they have been treating their fans as of late.

People were having too much fun playing Nintendo’s video games, and some were even making a career off of them. Nintendo wanted a piece of that pie, as well as to regulate what is shown on youtube, so they made the Nintendo Affiliate program for it, where they get to review your videos for it before they go live, and then profit on the videos that they allow to be shown.

Nintendo recently gutted 1/2 of the videos from someone’s youtube channel. Their crime? Tool assisted speed runs, hacked levels of Super Mario World, etc. Awesome, right?

The Pokemon company recently sued someone for $4,000 for throwing a Pokemon themed party at PAX. Thank god he raised that money via a go fund me. The dude says he is done with them, and I do not blame him.

They also released a bunch of toys that were amazingly scarce and then after the collectors market really got a hold of it, they released more of them to… punish the people who waited in line for hours? They also made a Wii U bundle for Super Mario Maker with an exclusive amiibo, and then weeks later after the game had been out made a new bundle with two amiibo including the ultra rare unicorn status Gold Mario from last Easter. Yeah… they created something people wanted to profit off of, realized their mistake, and made things more difficult for them. Yep, that’s pretty much what happened.

I guess my biggest complaint with Nintendo is this:  Buying pretty much only Nintendo games on your Nintendo console is not enough. They want all of your moneys.

Wii U will be my last Nintendo console. Too invested to get rid of it, but eh… they just keep making me upset.


2 thoughts on “Nintendo, as a company, sort of sucks.

    1. I actually own two amiibos. I’m against them on principal, but Zero suit was kind of cool, and I needed the 30th anniversary Mario, so this isn’t because I didn’t get some of them. It’s just kind of sucky that they said something was going to be scarce, and they were originally, and then they went out and re-released them, thus messing up the collectors market. I had a friend who didn’t get a Gold Mario due to a scalper buying every one from Wal*Mart, and she had to do some trade stuff to get one, and now it’s price has been lowered, as well as other amiibo that Nintendo said were going to be scarce.

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