Big Mac gets in touch with his feminine side, again

The latest episode of My Little Pony had the Stallion Big Mac cross dress as Applebloom’s ‘cousin’ Apple Orchard, but that wasn’t the first time he’s ever appeared as a filly… kind of. In twilight’s re-match against Trixie, she bamboozled Trixie into thinking that a painted up Big Mac was in fact his sister, Apple Jack.mareintoastalion

Also, there was his Sailor Moon inspired transformation sequence he used in order to turn into an Alicorn Princess in the fight against Tantabus from earlier this season…

So… is Big Mac just not afraid to explore his feminine side from time to time? Is he just envious of all of the awesome female characters from the show? If so, he also is willing to show his emotions from time to time, which is great to see in a cartoon… but less so than a horse in drag.


Yeah… whatever his reason is, I respect Big Mac’s alternate life choices, and celebrate the umm… diversity of this show. Eeyup.


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