IMG_1108It’s funny. On this worthless Sunday, I played a lot of Super Mario Maker, and then watched some YouTube videos about Super Mario, mostly about Bowser. While watching one about Bowser’s lack of parents and why he kidnaps Princess Peach. After this, I drew a doodle of a character named REX. Rex, meaning King in Latin. Instead of Bowser’s clown car, I went with a woman’s head for it instead. I drew close ups of Rex’s head, and the crown on it. And then? I came up with Rex’s backstory, very simplified mind you.

Rex The Shadowy reflection:

Rex is a shadow who wanted to one day become queen. Rex took the princess of the land and absorbed her shadow. After absorbing her shadow, Rex still wasn’t happy, especially because all Rex could do is stare up at the princess in awe at her. Many times Rex tried to posess the princess in a similar fashion that he had absorbed her shadow, but sadly for Rex, it was no use. One day, after a failed possession attempt, Rex saw the princesses reflection, and settled for taking over that instead, and was successful. This gave Rex an illusion of three dimensions, and for a time, Rex was happy, but sadly that happiness would not last.

The princess was the youngest daughter, and therefore would never become queen. What was worse, is that her sister, the older princess, was to wed the man that the young princess had loved. The destraught princess cried at her vanity mirror the night before the wedding. Knowing that she could no longer live in this world, she had planned to kill herself.
Rex, worried that her death would kill Rex as well, grabbed the emotional princess by the arms. This surprised both of them. Rex attempted to comfort the princess so she wouldn’t cry, but in doing so the two switched places.

Rex smiled, as this turned out better than Rex had hoped. As Rex smiled at the princess behind the mirror, Rex chuckled evilly as her physical form began to change. What was once the young and beautiful princess’ body was now a dark and much more mature woman.

Leaving the princess in the mirror behind, Rex began transforming everyone in the castle into shadowed monstrous figures. The eldest daughter and the King were thrown into mirrors, forcing out evil doppelganger monsters. She ordered her two minions to search for the betrothed hero.

zelda___blind_the_thief_by_karosu_maker-d37pjyhI think I based Rex from a lot of different sources, of course starting with Bowser, then using the concept of a stick figure like Mr. Game and Watch, and then I went towards Flea from Chrono Trigger and The Legend of Zelda’s character Blind as well as the concept of The Dark World from the same game.

Is this a character for a Zelda styled game, or a JRPG, or just a character for a story? No idea. I write stuff from time to time, and I thought it was pretty nifty. Maybe I’ll show some more stuff that I have that’s unfinished another time?


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