There WAS a sexy rule 63 Freddy vs. Jason?

There WAS a sexy rule 63 Freddy vs. Jason?

FIG_KAI_7170_25I can’t believe this! Japan took two of the most brutal murderers in any slasher franchise, and made them into hot women? I used to always think that the ‘sexy Freddy Krueger’ girls on Halloween were pretty lame, especially because they had long blonde hair and no burn marks, but THIS?! Wow.

Maybe Freddy looks as hot as she does because Jason originally drowned while camp counselors were having sex?

Yeah… and this is just a deleted scene from Freddy vs. Jason where Freddy is controlling him with a lesbian nightmare fantasy… or…

Nope! There’s just not rationalizing this! If you are interested in buying either of these two evil gals, there will be Amazon links below the image! Please note that there are only a couple of these on Amazon.

Jason: Kotobukiya Jason Voorhees “Freddy vs Jason” Bishoujo Statue

Freddy:  Kotobukiya Freddy vs. Jason Freddy Krueger Bishoujo Statue

Maybe I will do a post later in October about sexy cosplay of horror monsters?


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