Fantastic Four is returning to Marvel?

Fantastic Four is returning to Marvel?

Doom is pleasedSupposedly, according to rumors over at, Marvel is regaining the rights to The Fantastic Four from FOX. In exchange, FOX gets to make two television show spin offs to The X-Men. Which ones?

LegionOne will be based on Legion, Professor X’s son who goes back in time to kill Magneto but instead kills Xavier in order to set off the events of Age of Apocalypse which… hey, isn’t that about to get a film?

The second one is really interesting, if it’s going to be in Fox’s Marvel Movie-verse: The Hellfire Club. Weren’t they in X-Men First Class? Was this why they didn’t go back and retcon out that movie as well? Well umm… here’s a reminder of who The Hellfire Club is, or was at least circa 1980’s:

1980s_hellfire_club_bio_0147c9c2cae731410f32f8c2796c18b15cHere’s hoping that Fox ruins these shows so Marvel comes out on top and get’s back X-Men one day? Honestly, I don’t know how to feel about this. Everyone else just wants Wolverine in The Avengers, but I’m beyond that. Hugh Jackman’s last Wolverine movie is Wolverine 3, so maybe shortly after that, Marvel will get The X-Men back?

Oh well. If Marvel can make Iron Man into a household name, make a damn good Ant-Man movie, and make people get excited over a Howard The Duck Easter egg, I’m sure they are going to do… Fantastic things with this acquisition?

See what I did there? Yeah… slightly ashamed about it now.


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