Welcome to THE FUTURE!

back-to-the-futurejpg-e7557d3b1e122683October 21st 2015. It’s here, the day Marty Mcfly arrived in the future, and starting tomorrow morning, October 22nd 2015, there will be nothing to look forward to, Back To The Future wise. Except the USA Today Doc Brown had, that USA Today is actually having for tomorrows paper! But besides that, and a new comic from IDW that came out today, there isn’t much, right?

I was only born in 1985, so i was alive when Marty went to 1955 in the first film, but I was definitely there for for when he went to 2015 in the second movie, and so now… I feel officially old. Weird. Below is a Teens React to some stuff from Back To The Future 2


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