What if Jennifer had stayed in The Delorean?

There was a recent article on The Mary Sue, that called out Back To The Future 2’s misogynistic portrayal of Marty’s girlfriend, Jennifer Parker. It’s a great article by Cordelia Siporin, and explores one way they should have included her more. Go here to read it. Below, I’ve decided to add my two cents on what could have been done in Back To The Future 2 instead.

Elisabeth-Shue-03Marty, Doc, and Jennifer all go to 2015. Doc uses his device to make Jennifer unconscious, just as she was in the original version. Jennifer’s body is NOT put outside of the vehicle, but instead, left in the back of the time machine.

Old Biff steals the time machine to go back in time to 1955 to give Young Biff the Sports Almanac. Jennifer, confused, goes to the most logical place for her, 1955’s Doc Brown’s house. Doc Brown is in-between things with Marty, and she explains the situation to him. Doc Brown explains that since she is from further ahead, that she must not interfere with Back to The Future 1 Marty going back to 1985. Jennifer goes to the dance and ends up watching BTTF1 Marty perform on stage, only to see Biff’s men rush after BTTF2 Marty who by this time has arrived in 1955. Jennifer helps Marty who is being grabbed by 1955 Biff who is about to punch him, thus helping Marty.

The rest of the movie plays out as is, and Jennifer is stuck with Marty in 1955 after the BTTF2 DeLorean is hit by lightning and sent to 1885.

If this is what happened instead, we would probably miss out on the corrupt version of 1985, UNLESS there is a bunch of stuff in the back of the car that Jennifer had been left in, so Doc and Marty think that she is just sleeping until they reach 1985. Doc agrees to take her home, and after discovering that she is gone, he searches the cars for clues before alerting Marty.

How would they know to go back to 1955 for Jennifer? Because Jennifer left a few clues in the BTTF1 DeLorean that ultimately became the BTTF2 DeLorean that Marty and Doc would find once. Like what? She leaves them a note along with the receipt and the bag! This whole set up would give 1955 more screen time. But wouldn’t Doc Brown have found the note when getting the hover conversion for The DeLorean? Nope. He is a disheveled pack rat, so he didn’t even bother to detail the car before getting it worked on.

bttf2jen1985This isn’t a perfect scenario, but it is plausible, and then Jennifer gets to go back to 1885 with Marty, and that opens up even more interesting possibilities!

Or you know… she’s left asleep in an alley in 2015, and left to be asleep in terrible 1985. She slept a lot in Back To The Future 2, huh?


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