Free Photo Shoots?

Free Photo Shoots?

P1140655This last weekend was Oni-con on Galveston Island, Tx. A lot of fun was had by all, despite the rain, but the rain still greatly hindered the possibilites of great photo shoots.

I knew this would bum me out, so I did something that I had tested out at Louisianime in years previously there at Oni-con: Free Photo Shoots.

This time, I went the extra step and used a dry erase board so I could not only remember to credit my cosplay models, but to also help me remember to tell them where they can find their photos, and so I could also try and contact them later (I loose business cards a lot) to see if they liked them!

P1140560Doing this was a lot of fun, as for once cosplayers were able to stop me every for minutes to take pictures of them instead of the way it typically works out. This allowed me to not fall into the depressed habit of only taking one or two photos here and there, as well as allowed the cosplayers to encourage me to do more photo shoots.

P1140661Some cosplayers, for whatever reason, never get any photos of their cosplay, and they end up retiring it after only one wearing, again for various reasons. Well, doing this allows these people to have more than a selfie to rely on if they want show others, or even use for their profile picture!

I highly encourage my fellow cosplay photographers to do something like this, after all… taking a couple pictures of an eager person takes almost no time at all with not that much effort.

Below are some of my favorite photos from this shoot, and the entire shoot can be found here:

For the rest of my photos from Oni-Con, please go here:

Also, expect a full report on my thoughts from Oni-Con 2015 tomorrow morning!


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