Little Mermaid Cosplayer Osiris Day, at Oni-con 2015. Photo Curtesy of yours truly.

Sometimes when I go to an anime convention, things just sort of line up, topic wise. At Oni-con over the weekend, I attended voice actor Greg Ayres’ panel ‘It Gets Better (Anime edition)’ where he and his friend talked about many things from depression, LBGTQA, being a dork in a non-dork friendly world, cyber bullying, furries, and then eventually… Mers?

In a nut shell, it’s similar to being a furry, but instead of associating yourself and/or dressing up as an animal, it’s a merperson.

They went on to talk about how online, they asked if they were considered furries or not, and how the mers were just slamming furries, but in reality, a lot of the same things could be attributed to furries. I believe that I’ve found this forum thread, and it’s certainly worth checking out here:

I love mermaids, and I was aware that they had made and sold tails for mermaids performers, as well as people who just love mermaids. I never knew that there was a distinction for this subset from people who just love mythological creatures in general. Heck, I love unicorns and centaurs as well, for example, but not as much as mermaids, partially due to an attraction of women, but also a child hood love of Disney’s The Little Mermaid?

Vaporeon cosplayer DeinoBelle from Oni-con 2015, photo courtesy of my self.

I’ve known some furries to fur suit/cosplay as mythological creatures that didn’t even have , such as dragons. Heck, some of those furries have classified themselves as scalies, and that tends to be just a subcatagory, so I can’t help but feel that these… Merfolk, are just a stone’s throw away from the furry fandom.figuringoutmers

I tried to figure this whole thing out, as you can see in my chart, which started getting so very complex, and every moment I was thinking of something else to add, like Weres. Those were, no pun intended there, people who differentiated themselves away from being furries, but thought that they could phase shift into being a werewolf? Well, there are some mers who are like that too while possibly most just like mermaids and would want to be them.

Sunset Shimmer from Oni-con 2015. Photo by Netsenshi. Me.
Sunset Shimmer from Oni-con 2015. Photo by Netsenshi. Me.

This stuff gets really difficult, complicated, and border line wtf, ya know? I think that as long as everypony/everyone/everybody is respectful towards each others… fandoms(?), and we all just live and let live, I think everything is going to be all right, even if I can’t be a Gargoyle.

Seriously though, wouldn’t it be awesome to be Goliath from Disney’s Gargoyles? Turning to stone would suck cause of the lack of Saturday Morning Cartoons, but flying gliding past traffic through down town would be awesome!

Happy Mer-Monday Everyone!


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