graev03graevharl01Just Like I said on January 4, 2014‘I still keep checking.’ Bridges was an awesome little webcomic, and I guess like most things… it ends. Apparently the domain that my friends comic was under is now for sale, and has been since August?

While on the internet archive, I saw some art that she did based on some fan fictions that I had made for it. Fan Fan Art? Whatever. Anyways, the three black and white images are the ones that she drew for me, and the colored ones are just some old cast images from her original angelfire page before she re-launched it.

The ironic thing is that I greedily prevented people from using one of them by watermarking it, and because of that… Hah! I no longer have the original anymore! Oh, what a fool I was!

nlogo1nlogo2I loved Graev and Harley a lot, and she was super cool to give me them and… yeah. I miss the web comic I stumbled on one Summer while googling ‘lesbian summer camp web comic.’ *sigh*

I know that there are a billion of webcomics that I don’t read, and that I should let this one go… but I dunno. See you next year, Bridges?



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