The Maiden of Might

The Maiden of Might

lindadanversWhen a movie or television comes out about a comic book property, I often find myself judging it on how close is is to the source material. When Supergirl came out, I felt myself wondering which Supergirls they were adapting it from.

The first episode gave us a little taste of the current Kara Zor-El from the comics, BUT she’s not in high school. Instead, she is 24 year old working for a newspaper, Her earth name is Linda Danvers. The original Supergirl was Linda Lee before being adopted by the Danvers. Bronze age Supergirl worked as a camera operator for KSF-TV. Another Supergirl also used this name Linda Danvers, was older than New 52’s Supergirl, but she worked at a school and was completely different from previous or future incarnations.

Supergirl_1920x1080_586896_640x360I’m going to take this Supergirl as her own Supergirl. She is not the one who originally crash landed, nor the animated one who would go to join The Legion of Superheroes in the future. She’s not my Supergirl, who was the Linda Danvers who was combined with the Supergirl who was a protoplasm and together became The Earth Born Angel of Fire. This Supergirl is different, and that’s exciting.

My biggest fear is that this will end up as weird and mediocre as Smallville ended up being. After watching the first two episodes, I really hope this series ends up serving her family crest proud.


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