(some) Steven Universe fans are monsters.

(some) Steven Universe fans are monsters.

I’m really glad that I never posted my 20 plus page Pokemon fanfiction online when I was a teenager. Apparently, a bunch of people harassed a girl online over her fan fiction and art to the point of her attempting to kill herself. You can find the full story here: http://theodysseyonline.com/monmouth/why-am-no-longer-steven-universe-fan/204442 and below is someone who’se opinion I typically don’t enjoy blast these people with as many F bombs as he can fit into 13 minutes and 21 seconds.

This artwork is beautiful. For one, you can’t even see how over weight or skinny any of the characters look, besides Rose’s arms being a little skinny. Steven and Greg look properly over weight as well. Sardonyx? Looks just fine!


The internet feels no shame, even when the creators of Steven Universe stepped in and said that someone can make art however they want. As someone who is overweight, is Hispanic, and has had problems with gender personally in my own life, I just want to say one thing to everyone who hated this person because of how they chose to represent characters from a cartoon: grow the hell up. You clearly didn’t understand the entire point of this show and clearly have no business even watching a show about love, friendship, and empowerment.

I made an article in the past about how they attacked the My Little Pony fan community over wanting to make a website about it here: https://netsenshi.wordpress.com/2015/03/20/steven-v-pony-or-cartoon-civil-war/

How toxic is this fandom going to get?


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