Doodles from The Past (Part 1)

Doodles from The Past (Part 1)

I really can’t find anything earlier than High School, around 2002-ish. I’m pretty sure that my portfolio of good art was trashed long ago, but below are the doodles I saved a really long time ago. I only still have these, because I had them on a really crappy angelfire website and some were salvaged from the internet archive’s fanart page of my favorite webcomic..

Yeah, these images aren’t very impressive, huh? Pokemon, Anthropomorphic characters, MS Paint, Sailor Moon, weird ‘paint blobs’ on edges, and then in 2003 you can totally see where i started reading the webcomic Bridges, huh?? Weird stuff… but it makes me smile to look back at all of this old stuff. It’s a shame I didn’t scan in anything actually awesome though.


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