The Purge

This image welcomed people to my site. Angelfire ruined my frames by adding banner ads.

Sunday , as everyone by now knows, is USELESS. So why not start The Purge…err.. Purging that is, of old worthless internet stuff? I personally deleted at least a couple of old angelfire sites, and ended up finding a bunch of stuff that well… might have been better off not found, to be honest. Here’s some of the goodies.


Fake Porn. I made this pop up, only to almost get in trouble at school due to a classmate seeing it. that would have been ironic, huh?

Two of my Math teachers, fighting to the… death? I made the below animated .gif out of some old Pokemon sprites that I edited. It was pretty cool, and they seemed to really enjoy it. The one on the left loved coffee… and the hippie to the right, well… umm… he can throw a hadoken?

coxfightFake video game screen shots. I made this one of the then fake Pokemon Platinum. It would have been a follow up to Emerald, and would have been compatible with the original Gameboy, as well as of course The Super Gameboy… hence the


Weird animated .gif’s of me, mostly transforming into things.


Comic Book images that, for whatever reason, I scanned in and put into the shell. There was no flickr or photobucket back then. This was important to due… cause, you know… reasons.

Old fan art that I doodled, scanned, and only now am I “that is only 1/2 the size of a person’s arm… The fuck?”


Old sprite comics that were just… terrible.

netsenshi_sprite_comic2_by_netsenshiFan Fiction, so bad, that it even won awards. This is one that I had written on some sort of sample page, so I’m not sure if any of my 379 viewers, most of them me hitting refresh, saw it.

By the light of the Moon

They all protect her
Each in there own way
With strength and smarts
They keep her safe
By the night of the moon

By the night of the moon
She fights the good fight
Trying to right all the wrongs
With the aid of her friends
And the safety of her love
She fights every knight
By the power of moon light

Awards: I told you, this my fan fiction was bad enough to win an award, and even though my site layout was terrible, won two awards from the webring that I was in! Something that never did!

And, last, but certainly not least, old photos. I found two family photos, that were in the webshell, for some reason. The one below, that was taken in like… 9th or 10th grade? So that’s me, at half of my current age. CRAZY.15yearoldme

All of this was saved before DELETING all of the content from their pages. Two down, one(?) to go? Maybe I’ll get rid of the rest next Sunday! Enjoy the Fall cleaning!


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