lack of unfinished art 2

lack of unfinished art 2

This is the kind of stuff that you do not show people: doodles that are terribly scribbled down on crumpled paper that gets littered all over the place. Bottom of the backpack? Random pages in a notebook?  This is the kind of things detectives and investigators collect in order to create a psych profile on someone!

The oldest picture is probably from around 2008 or so, and the most current one comes from well, last week… not that these are in any exact order. Title cards, ideas for comics and video games that I’m not capable of making, cosplays, etc. This is madness.

For my previous article about unfinished art, go here:

Also, I recently did a similar piece on my art from high school, which can be found here:

If I find or create a lot more in the future, maybe there will be a part 3?


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