The day after the day after Black Friday

I ended up not posting yesterday, but hey! There’s nothing better to do on a pointless day like today than to post about what I actually did, sans Chick-fil-a… which, honestly, the other 6 days I abstain eating their food, but at this point… I’m just getting way off topic. So What’s up?


Around 1am, I saw that a friend had posted on his Facebook page: “Someone draw me something.” Seeing as how I hadn’t really drawn much with my Wacom Intuos, I was determined to at least doodle something, so I drew one of the easier Pokemon: Geodude. Just a few moments ago, I decided to draw King Sombra from MLP based on a recent episode. Neither one of these are amazing, but hey… what else was I going to do today?

dead-rising-chop-till-you-drop-bigVideo Games – Dead Rising is one of my favorite games, and right now, GameStop is having a buy 2 get one free. I ended up rebuying Lego Rockband and Halo 4 extremely cheap, netting Dead Rising Chop Till You Drop for Wii as my free game. What… I wasn’t going to buy this game. I recently did a video called 9 Fun Facts: Dead Rising that talked a little about this game. Figured it was worth trying again to see if I had been to harsh on it.

Buy Hobby Stuff/presents – My landlord and a couple of his friends, on occasion, brew beer. We ended up going to a local store in order to get a few things, including some more CO2

cbc-circle-sticker-1-opt1While there, I discovered something that looked nifty, and that was the logo for The Coronado Brewing Company. While their beer is no where near me, I think they might be my Mer-Monday post tomorrow.

Lastly, I ended up buying some stuff for my brother. My brother loves working on stuff, so I got him something from Harbor Freight Tools, which was still having it’s Black Friday sale. He’s hard to shop for though, so no clue if he will like whatever it is that I got him.

So that was my Sunday, now it’s time to get ready for the work week! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend!





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