The state of Houston’s Brony convention

fiesta_equestria_contest_by_astrorobyn-d60uvapI mainly go to anime conventions, but I’ve gone to a couple Brony conventions in the last couple of years, and sadly… the latest one, Fiesta Equestria, is no more. It seems that every year, the convention had run at a deficit. After their third year, one of the convention chairs posted in one of the Houston Brony facebook pages that I am a member of. Since it was in a closed group, I never posted it here despite others posting about it on the website Horse News. The convention chair’s post can be found here:

While Fiesta Equestria seems to be gone, as is it’s website, the tumblr that was created by the only moderator it still has left, Flutterwhat, posted this a week ago:


I just started admitting that I really cared about the loss of FE when I saw someone post in one of my groups how they wished that they wish they could see FE 2016.

There has been talks about a brand new brony convention in the Houston area, possibly for 2016 or 2017. If there is anything official, I’ll make sure to make a post about it.


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