The Sunday post, that’s what! While this day is worthless in a lot of ways, you might as well try and make the most of it. Here’s some stuff that I’ve done recently.

Let’s Play!

Anita Sarkeesian rant and games I’d love feminists to review

Things have been pretty rough between me and my waifu Sarkee-chan. This whole U.N. and Google harassment thing… stuff is just rough right now. I’ll talk about it later, I just don’t want to cry during the Sunday post.

Break your technology – Thankfully, all I did is break my phone charger, but I was really worried about if the phone would have enough juice to be used as a wake up alarm for work. It did, and ultimately I got a new charger, but sadly… the Microsoft Sync messed up in my car on the way to get the charger, so I guess no more play lists off of my USB stick till that gets fixed… which, I couldn’t go out and do because it’s well… SUNDAY!

Metal_Slug_X_Art_01_aHumble Bundle – I’ve already mentioned the awesome bundle over at Humblebundle.com that is celebrating Neo Geo’s 25th anniversary, but… I’m going to keep doing that. Who knows what the 4 unannounced games will be that they add later? The average is only $9.36 right now! Go get that!

Boogie2988 – I don’t watch Boogie very often, so when I do, I get to have to watch a lot of his videos! Not all of his videos are great, in fact some are terrible.Here’s his video about the latter:

Tomorrow is Mer-Monday, and I will try my damnedest to actually have time to post something. Enjoy the rest of your  Chick-fil-a-less day!


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