Oh Captain My Captain!

256px-CaptainRainbowI was watching a video about ‘crazy’ Japanese games, and on that list was, of course, Captain Rainbow for The Nintendo Wii. “Well… how come it hasn’t been translated?” I asked myself, by fans of course. It looks a little like Viewtiful Joe meets Nintendo characters, so… someone should get on that, oui?

Well, apparently someone has… but while all of the English is translated, they do not have the know-how to actually create the patch and patch the game. Welp… there goes my excitement.

I figured that since I only just now discovered this Destructoid post from August, I would do my civic duty and attempt to boost this signal. It’s a shame that my spare B.A.P., or Bad Ass Programmer, probably wouldn’t be interested in taking on this endeavor…


New fonts would probably have to be created, and well… who wants to play a game where you get to turn into a super hero and help get Little Mac back into shape? Right???


CaptainRainbow-09engApparently there has been some slow progress and stuff like fonts have been made and well… maybe 2016 will be the year us westerners get our hands on Captain Rainbow! For more information, here is Team Kirameki’s page on Captain Rainbow.


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