Free Photo Shoot at IKKiCON 2015

IP1140823 did this first at Oni-Con 2015, and if I have my way, I am going to do this at every convention that I go to.

What I do, obviously, is walk around with dry erase board advertising Free Photo Shoots. Cosplayers then can stop me, and I take as many photos in as many different locations as I can with them until we have a decent amount of pictures that they like. Yes, I show them every single one before I’m done with them, just to make sure that I do not accidentally get an unflattering angle.

P1140981I used to do this at Louisianime with a poster board on a monopod, but the dry erase board works so much better. Also, making sure you write “FREE” is important, as some people will assume that you charge, and not want to talk to you.

I then attempt to get every single person I do a photoshoot with to write down whatever name that they go by online to pose with the board. Sometimes they give me an e-mail address, and I snap a picture of it for myself so I can personally e-mail them the notification of where to find it. This also helps people associate a name to the face, as many people will only credit the photographer and not the cosplayer.

P1140844You might notice that I also include the web address. Do I do this for self promotion? Of course I do. I also do this so the cosplayer can take out their smartphone, and snap a picture of the board to remind themselves that the shoot happened and they can find me in case I fail to notify them.

Yes, despite how careful I attempt to be, I can still fail to get in touch with the cosplayer. Shocking, I know.

P1140829Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, MySpaceLivejournal, and the internet is a huge place, and sometimes people have the same name on one of those but it belongs to someone completely different.

Oh, and sometimes I fail to have my board when the photo shoot actually happens, or forget to have them sign it. To date, this has only happened… twice?

So… why do I do this? Well… I’ve had costumes that have been unnoticed that I was proud of. Maybe it gets one or two pictures, but ultimately… I’ve had nothing to show for all of my hard work. It’s terrible, and I hate it happening to others. This was my solution, and I still think it’s a pretty good one.

Anyways, for more photos from this ‘Free Photoshoot’ from Ikkicon, please go here:



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