I love Batman The Animated Series

“I finally caught my favorite villain! Bats nabs Joker” – Kevin Conroy 1/10/16

There’s a lot of bad things going on in the world today. I’d like to thank Kevin Conroy for sharing this picture online, and literally making me go “DAWWWWWWW” despite all of that.

Batman The Animated Series was an amazing series, with the original season having one of the most amazing art styles in animation history, and the WB seasons having some of the most impressive stories to ever be in the comic book animation genre.

Saying that BTAS was ahead of it’s time is doing it a disservice. When the show came out, it was at exactly the right time.

All of that aside, it was this dynamic duo, Conroy and Hamill, that made that show the success that it was, and a fan favorite in the hearts of men and women the world over. I love Batman The Animated Series, and because of that… from today until next Monday, it’s DC Animated Universe week on the blog!


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