Patton Oswalt is an amazing father

If my father had to have a discussion with someone in 1991 about Captain Planet, he wouldn’t be able to show the passion that Patton Oswalt shows in explaining his six year old daughter’s favorite cartoon, My Little Pony.

Why did I pick Captain Planet? I could have gone with Voltron, or something. Captain Planet was about a bunch of kids preventing people in industries, such as the Oil industry which my father was in at the time, from succeeding in life. He let me watch a show that, essentially, made him out to look like a villain. HUH!

Super_Mario_Bros_2Do you know what my father did do though? He got me and my siblings into Super Mario Bros., and he played it with us. Yep. He succeeded where you failed as a father, Patton! TAKE THAT!

Still though, kudos for not being the football dad of Star Wars.


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