Too fast?

IMG_20160116_062442730It must be hard on McDonald’s franchise owners and employees right now. The franchise owners have to deal with all the hiccups cost expenses of having a 24hr breakfast menu, while their employees complain about their low wages.

As far as breakfast goes, I was okay when they extended the breakfast menu the first time, before it being 24 hours, except I couldn’t get lunch anymore at 11am. This fixes that, but McDonald’s should not be treated as if they are IHOP. The Hot & Spicy McChicken Sandwich, where available, is better tasting at 3pm than their sausage biscuits, which around where I live they do not serve sausage biscuits 24 hours, which is sad when I want them at 11:20am. Now that the fad of breakfast whenever is dying down, I doubt that McDonald’s is still having all of the problems that had, so I hope they’ve adapted

The employees work extremely hard, and I know from my 3 week stint in fast food at one that it is faster and more stressful than working grocery retail. Because of this, some of the food items have increased in price recently, so one store has more expensive sodas while another has more expensive sausage biscuits. I asked why that was, and they explained that it was this way now due to some locations paying their employees more.

Whatever. Everything above makes sense. What does not make sense, is that EVERY DAMN TIME I ORDER, they give me my food in a to-go bag, almost 100% of the time, even if I’ve told them that I want it for here. If you want more money, and apparently a lot of locations are paying them more now, than understand that there is a chance that since I’ve ordered inside of your establishment, that I might want to eat my food INSIDE OF YOUR ESTABLISHMENT! i.e. do your jobs better. I’m not paying you $0.19 extra cents for soda for you to still be rude and try to rush me, the only person who was in line Saturday morning, back out into the cold.


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