More Resident Evil? *sigh*

Despite feeling slightly Resident Evil-ed out, I still bought the latest remake of Resident Evil 0, and well… the game and/or my computer has problems? The video is worth a watch, it’s not too terribly long, even though I did have to edit some stuff together. You might want to watch how my experience was before buying it, as I even show my computers specs, and side by side comparisons with certain programs running as well.

And finally, I beat the story mode of Resident Evil 5 again! Except I got dropped during the last bit of the last 3rd of the last chapter, so I have to beat that again on Veteran mode. 😦

So… will I return Resident Evil 0?? No clue yet. Will I record RE5’s Mercenary mode? Considering that there is a mode not in the console version? Maybe.


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