Saturday gaming!

I finally figured out how to get my Roxio Gamecap HD Pro capture card to work with OBS and Twitch! Here are the fruits of my labor!

Sonic Chaos: (Master System via Wii)

My card can capture via HDMI, but thankfully it also allows for capturing via component cables. This makes the game look a little weird though. Anyways, above was the entire Let’s play of Sonic The Hedgehog Chaos. Below is Pac-Man, because… well… Pac-Man.


I will probably never care enough to beat Pac-Man, but it’s always worth having on any machine. I feel foolish for buying this for $5 though when it originally came out for Wii.

Also, please check out my channel sometime on Twitch:

2zeldasI played around a bit in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to The Past earlier, but I did not record/upload that to YouTube because of Nintendo’s terrible policies, but you can watch it for like, the next 30 days via Twitch.


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