Let’s make a day out of all of this SUN!

You know the drill. Sunday. GameStop closes early, some places aren’t even open, and all you want to do is fill that time in between super awesome day where you have to go to work. No worries friend, Netsenshi.com has you covered with… some things to watch/do? Maybe?

Nintendo Minute – A Tour of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD

Farewell, FamiKamen Rider – It’s sadly already been two years since youtuber Justin Carmical, best known to people online as Jew Wario, passed away. A lot of his friends, some from Channel Awesome while others were not, created the movie Farewell, FamiKamen Rider in honor of him. This might be the best time to watch the movie.

Also, here is the commentary track that was just released by MONSTROSITIES: Tokusatsu Vlog who worked on the film, in case you want to re-watch the film with it.

Donkey Kong Jr. – While perusing through my friends videos, I had no idea that when she had posted that she was finally going to try and finish that game, and that game being Donkey Kong Jr., that it was the Colecovision version. Wow. Worth watching even though it’s 57:39 long.

Honestly, this makes me want to play Donkey Kong Jr. now that I can twitch stream games from my Wii. Although… Nintendo game, so maybe not?

Resident Evil 0 – I can not play this game on my computer. Maybe you can? My computer apparently isn’t great at streaming, but even if I upgraded my graphics card it wouldn’t really help, due to it apparently being a processing issue. OBS and streaming to twitch slow it down, but even without doing that, it’s still a little too slow to be enjoyable. The game is on Xbox 360 though as well as current gen systems, so maybe I will eventually stream it on either old or new hardware. I’m thinking old…

LEARN HOW TO USE YOUR SEWING MACHINE – So… I have cloth, patterns, and I might have a functional sewing machine that I have no idea how to use. All I need to do is pick up some needles and thread, right? I can learn how to sew whenever I want… 😢

Shopping – Seriously, I need to stop eating Taco Bell every day. It’s a new week, so why not grab some food from the store, and actually, I dunno, eat healthy on this diet? Hah. yeah… let’s see that happen.




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