Saturday Morning Anime

samurai pizza catsOn Saturdays, I’m going to post about whatever anime that I am currently watching or obsessing about, so umm… that means that I have to watch some more anime, huh?

On Crunchyroll, I recently watched the first episode of Samurai Pizza Cats for the first time ever, in English of course. It was… interesting, to say the least. Not sure if I’m a fan, but oh well.

battle girls

I’ve watched a few episodes of Battle Girls: Time Paradox this week, which due to them having the word maiden in most of the titles, I keep accidentally calling ‘Battle Maidens.’ Battle Girls is about a middle school girl, who is not too dissimilar to Usagi from Sailor Moon, who Inuyasha‘s her way into an alternate version of feudal era Japan. Did I mention that there are no men in this universe so all of the generals are scantily clad warrior women? I did? Cool. That’s sort of important to the um… plot?

I might finish Battle Girls, but I’m not too sure about Samurai Pizza Cats. Sorry Tatsunoko fans. Catch everyone here next Saturday?



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