Pointless Sunday?

Sundays are where I post about pointless things, but not today! I’ve finally (almost) figured things out!

Seriously man, this blog is around 6 years old, and I’m just now figuring out what to do with it? Fuhh…..

  • Pointless Sunday
  • MerMonday
  • Tutorial Tuesday
  • Waifu Wednesday
  • Throwback Thursday
  • Female Friday
  • Saturday Morning Anime

So there. That’s what to expect on those days, and hopefully I will post about this kind of stuff on those days… unless I don’t… or I want to talk about other things, as I will also do additionally. BTW: Tutorial Tuesday? Eh… maybe I should have gone with Transformation Tuesday, which I originally wanted? Oh well. My shit. I got it together in a bag Morty. Are you finally proud of me, MORTY?!


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