The not so Fine Brothers

I originally found out about Fine Brothers Entertainment expanding their React Channel as React World, which is similar to licensing a fast food franchise, not through their original video but through boogie2988‘s video reaction to the React World, which sadly seems kind of fitting.

So that was through a lens, so my first impression is too cloudy to really say my own thoughts other than ‘this is bad and/or will fail.’

This morning, I learned on Kotaku that  there has already been enough negative feedback and unsubscriptions that The Fine Brothers had to post a video explainging some misconceptions about what was going on with React World as well as them trying to trademark the word React.

All of this explaining was just so I could post the below video from Mega64 parading the entire thing.

Here’s hoping that in the end, youtubers and the fans end up winning in the end, however or whatever that means.


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