Owl_ThinkingI do not celebrate the Super Bowl, especially considering that I work in retail. I try to celebrate it ironically, by saying things like “Have a fun Superb Owl Party!” but WOW, I just can’t even fake that this year. Can we just get to  the Deadpool movie already? Seriously? I hear that it’s going to have like, 2 after credits scenes.

Let’s watch an awesome video of an amazing animal, the Northern White-faced Owl!

Let’s see… I celebrated this first in 2013 and then in 2014 but I guess I dropped the ball in 2015 when I talked about Eyeshield 21 and completely did not celebrate this holiday. Maybe I stopped even caring about being ironic about The Super Bowl when even MLP went crazy over The Super Bowl back in 2015?


Anyways, if you are choosing to watch millionaires play a child’s game at ‘the next level,’ I hope you are having fun. I’m sitting this whole thing out for the time being. Go Sports Go!

Oh yeah. Sunday post. Umm, Chick-fil-a is closed. Again… Go sports!



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