Luffy from One Piece has officially, unofficially, been gender bent

LuffyR63prototypeApparently, the main character from the hit manga/anime One Piece, Luffy D. Monkey, is getting a non canonical busty female figure from MegaHouse. Awesome? Considering that in this universe there is such a thing as the Horu Horu no Mi, a devil fruit which allows you to pump hormones into another person to do ridiculous things such as change skin pigmentation or even gender, my real question is… what took so long?


No, seriously, a woman dressed in Luffy’s clothes has already been tested when they made a crossover figure with Bulma from Dragon Ball where she is dressed in his clothes.

Because of this toy, and the fact that it is the start of the week, I think this week is going to be TG week on



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