Mermaid and NFL?

Since yesterday there was an NFL thing on tv, I’d search for some NFL or just football related mermaid… things? And here is what I have!

Apparently, the Weeki Wachee Mermaids, have a mermaid bowl, and yeah… been doing it for years (at least two). I learn new and amazing things every day!

Here’s another video that is a bit old, but still pretty fun to watch

I found this Ariel Miami Dolphins logo on pinterest… Is it weird that instead of making me want to watch The Little Mermaid, instead I want to re-watch Ace Ventura: Pet Detective?

Etsy user AshNBeez has made a fleece Patriots merm aid tail that costs $45. She only has one available, and it can be found here:
AShNBeezGiantsMermaidTailHere is another awesome picture thanks to pinterest!

I guess I missed a mermaid doritos commercial at one point, because um, here is one that I’ve never seen… FOOTBALL!

Lastly, here is an image that I got from a Queerty article about tacky gay gifts. I dunno what is tacky or gay about a MERMAN FOOTBALLER!


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