A Waifu named Tex

Allison, voiced by Kathleen Zulch

It’s been a while since I’ve done a waifu post, so I decided to do one that I’ve even done fan art of, Texas from the popular machinima, Red Vs. Blue! Alison is the fiery redheaded… wait… given her backstory, is she still considered red headed? I mean… wait… spoilers, but yeah…

So I said I had done some fan art of Freelancer Tex, so where is it?

That’s pretty nice and all, and very old… but anything that wasn’t done in MS Paint with edited Pokemon trainer sprites?

Okay, so that one is more about Sister and Church, but still… okay, here’s a clip show that xmasterskull made that maybe will help show why this Mjolnir armor..ed red head is amazing.

At the 2012 Rooster Teeth Expo [RTX], the band Trocadero who does the music for Red Vs. Blue, performed her song, A girl named Tex. Here’s that as well, seeing as Texas is the complete package:

If you haven’t seen the original Red Vs. Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles, then yeah… you should really get on that.


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