I was the only person cosplaying at Deadpool

happydeadpool1It’s really hard to be both an über fan of something and enjoy going to the movies right now. I hadn’t heard of any bans on cosplay for Deadpool like there was for Star Wars, but just in case I decided to cosplay as something other than the main character himself, as I just knew that there were going to be three or four Deadpool cosplayers in attendance. Well, I was apparently wrong.

foh protestorsI decided to cosplay as an X-man villain, a foot soldier of it really, from the group The Friends of Humanity, from the 1990’s animated X-Men series. I got to the show an hour early, and no huge line or any cosplayers in site. Awesome. 35 minutes before the first showing at 7 o’clock, which has been that way ever since the 2012 Aurora shooting at The Dark Knight Rises,

happydeadpool3I and a friend made signs, and I even started a Facebook group page for The Friends of Humanity, as well as a twitter account for it right before the movie.


There was no one. Once again, just like when I went to go see Ghostbusters a few years back, I was the only one in costume! Damn it!

Maybe the ‘muties’ saw my sign, and went home? That actually sucks. Why can’t this level of disappointment happen to real radically right winged protest groups?

Oh well. I guess I will just hang up my ironic cosplay until the next convention, and never again grace the Deerbrook AMC 24 with my… 


Oh yeah… the fight to get Marvel’s character’s back still needs to be ironically fought! this year’s X-Men: Apocalypse and Gambit, The Friends of Humanity are coming after you both! SAPIEN POWER!


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