Happy Valentines day!

While the Sunday post is typically a reminder of how useless this day is, I instead want to use it to wish everyone a very Happy Valentine’s day! So what was the best way to spend it for a bunch of bachelors?

hooters-girls-hed-2013If we had celebrated it the way we had originally intended, we would have gone with what Hooters had planned for the day; ripping up photos of your ex while getting 10 free wings while after buying 10 wings.

The fact that we would still have to buy 10 wings made this a less than desirable deal, as 20 wings, especially from Hooters, was just way too many wings. So then, how did we celebrate?

bromance day1Yard work. We had previously built a fire pit, but it was too large. We bought 100 $0.30 bricks, 6 bags of sand, and 3 bags of gravel as we put down a border and shrunk the radius.

We also planted some black berry bushes under a window in the front yard, and some strawberries in a patio garden in the back yard. While I and my other roommate who helped our landlord do this do not benefit as much, I would like to remind everyone that there is a special place in hell for men who do not help other men out.

Isn’t that right, Madeleine Albright?


Ghostbusters_ii_posterWhat else was there to do this lovely holiday? Oh yeah! Prepare for… THE END of THE WORLD!!

In 1989, The film Ghostbusters II came out. In this film, there was a prophecy that the world would end on this day, February 14, 2016. On this Valentines Day, we should all appreciate the fact that we have survived at least 41 real world doomsday prophecies since the year 1989 alone, and hopefully we shall continue to thrive as a species.

Take care everyone, and enjoy this wonderful day of love… or you know, be weary that the end is neigh until at least midnight. Really, however you wish to celebrate this ‘close call.’


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