MAGFest Steven Universe photoshoot

DSC00900 EditWhile I was away last week at MAGFest 2016, I was happy to discover a lot of people cosplaying from Steven Universe. After attending The Most Amazing Saturday Morning Cartoon Intro Sing Along, a Pearl cosplayer asked me to attend a Steven Universe photo shoot. I, of course, agreed.

Sunday comes along, and I show up to the photo shoot early as the cosplayers gather. The Pearl, now an Amethyst, has yet to arrive, but no problem. Suddenly, I realize what was missing from the meet up… a photographer.

DSC00865 editAfter becoming the last minute photographer at Cosplay Prom last year, I remembered that with great power, a 6yr or more DSLR and an HD camcorder, comes great responsibility! I manned up, and did my best to be the photographer that they needed, even if I didn’t feel like I was the photographer that they deserved!

Sundays and large photo shoots might not be the best idea in the world, but I think that despite everything, we all had fun for the most part. The fountain was used to our advantage at times, and detriment at other times. We got some awesome shots of Lapis and Pearl, but the music really hindered taking video of them singing Giant Woman.

Below are some of my edited pictures from the shoot, and every Steven Universe related pic from MAGFest 2016 can be seen on my flickr here:


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