Throwing back to Cartoons of yore!

P1150431While at MAGFest 2016, I attended Marzgurl and Josh Knight The First’s panel, Cartoon Opening Sing Along. Seeing as how they focused on cartoons from the 80’s to the mid 00’s, I felt that it was fitting to mention it for Throwback Thursday.

Below is a clip I took of everyone singing the opening from Animaniacs as well as part of one of the Sonic cartoons.

Please keep in mind, I had to not shoot too much of the screen due to copyright, and not too much of the audience because I felt that would be… well, creepy.

Singing these songs while people ate cereal and playing bingo during the panel on a Saturday Morning was amazing! Here’s hoping that other conventions invite them to do this in the future *nudge* *nudge* *hint* *hint*


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