Why you shouldn’t be okay with Nintendo’s NEW 3DS SNES virtual console

Why you shouldn’t be okay with Nintendo’s NEW 3DS SNES virtual console

In yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, it was announced that they will be adding an SNES Virtual Console to the New Nintendo 3DS. While some are bitter about the fact that they are not doing it for the original 3/2DS, I am bitter for a completely different reason.

2zeldasI’ve purchased brand new copies The Legend of Zelda: a Link to The Past on SNES, Gameboy Advance, and Wii. Only the Capcom re-made GBA version was any different, and the thought that they want me to buy their newer handheld, that only has maybe 2 exclusive retail games, and re-purchase these games all over again is ridiculous.

“But Sean, you could have paid a few dollars and received the improved version on Wii U that allows you to use the gamepad!” Are you high? I can already play it on my TV via the Wii emulation mode and my Retron 5 using the original cartridge. If I wanted to, and I have, I could play it on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 that I purchased in 2012!

Do you know how many versions of Portal I’ve purchased from *Valve? ONE. I’ve had it on two different PC’s, a laptop, and I could even use it on Microsoft surface, if I wanted to borrow my roomate’s tablet.

454224-wii-u-pro-controllerNintendo knows that we own these games, and for some, a couple of times over. They refuse to allow you to easily play the games that you already own though, just like they refuse to allow you to use Gamecube controllers using their $20 adapter that they released on any other game besides Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Why? Because there is no money in making things convenient. If there was, they would have paid for the licenses to make their last two systems play CD’s DVD’s. You know… Like every system since The Playstation 2 that came out in 2000.

The New 3DS’ SNES Virtual console is a ruse to get more New 3DS systems off of shelves and make a few extra dollars off of very old software that they should be giving away for free… and they can do it! They have done it before, what with the ambassador program for early adopters of the original 3DS, I know that it can’t be too terribly hard for them to simply give games away for free!

The bottom line is simple. What we have in our libraries from Wii, Wii U, DSi, and 3DS are known to Nintendo, especially with being able to port them over to the newer iterations. Nintendo NX is right around the corner, and rumors have suggested that it is a hybrid console, and that the handheld portion will most likely be sold first. This part will most likely be the successor to the New 3DS. If they know that you will re-purchase your games several times over, what is to stop them from making you re-buying the same SNES game for a 6th time? 6 times in a row people!

If you are okay with spending that much money on the same game then fine. Do that. If you want them to understand that this is a bad idea, please vote with your wallets. You can play these games for free right now on any computer since Windows XP as well as any smart phone/tablet that you already own, or so I’ve been told.play-super-nintendo-games-snes-your-samsung-galaxy-s3.w654

*I could have bought Portal on The Orange Box on multiple systems, and on XBox Live Arcade and PSN, but from things that Valve actually owns and has the ability to give me for whatever price they want, it would have still have been once.



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