Happy Throwbatman Thursday!

Batman 89Whew! Almost didn’t make it! DC comics recently finished Batman ’66, which was based on the Adam West Batman TV show. Apparently, there was a pitch for Batman ’89, which as we all know was when the Michael Keaton Batman movie came out. While this pitch was canned, there is some amazing art from it that can be found on Bleeding Cool.

I personally do not know if I would want this or not. I enjoyed the first two Batman movies, but didn’t the Joker die at the end? Uh oh.. I can’t remember…. time to break out the VCR and find out!

The most interesting thing about this entire pitch, is that it covered only the Tim Burton movies, which means that Billy D. Williams, Harvey Dent in the first movie, ends up as Two Face! Isn’t it weird how no one complained in 1989 when they made him Harvey?

The art from the pitch is really interesting, but what I enjoyed the most was seeing their take on what Harley Quinn would look like all Tim Burton-ed!


I need to see some cosplay of her like this, or at the very least, the Batgirl that looks reminiscent of Lidia from the Beetlejuice cartoon!


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