Unhappy Fem Friday :(

wildcats.pngMy High School made the news for the wrong reasons yesterday. There was an assembly at Humble High School who alienated and offended many of the girls. When some of the girls were talking amongst themselves, when the speaker snapeed at them offensively implying that they would be raped and that she will not feel sorry for them.

This was an all female attended assembly.

I agree with one of the girls, who said that this shouldn’t have been an all female assembly. Guys should be taught this too. Just because girls post images on social media, that doesn’t give you the right to slut shaming them for the way that they are dressed or posed in photos. There shouldn’t need to be a wall between the genders when it comes to telling people that certain things are okay or not. Period.

The assembly for the 9th and 10th grade girls was ended short, and the one for the girls in 11th and 12th grade that afternoon was canceled. The district delivered this message afterwords:

“The intent of the assembly was to keep students safe by educating girls on texting/sexting, teen dating violence, sexual assault awareness, and healthy relationships. Parents were informed of the assembly and permission slips distributed. The assembly was part of a variety of special campus activities planned by students through service learning in conjunction with International Women’s Day.

Some comments addressed that one’s clothing and social media activity creates impressions. As students asked questions, school staff members noticed that some students were upset and so they stepped in and ended the assembly about 15 minutes early. The school did not repeat the assembly in the afternoon as planned. We never want any student to feel uncomfortable and will be meeting with those who have concerns so that we can prevent future misunderstandings.”

For more inofrmation, here is the link from KHOU on it: http://www.khou.com/story/news/local/2016/03/11/teens-upset-after-school-assembly-rape-domestic-violence/81627516/


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