Happy Birthday Athena Asamiya!

Happy Birthday Athena Asamiya!

kof12-athena-asamiyaOn March 14 1979, Athena Asamiya was born… err… supposedly? coming from SNK’s King of Fighter’s video game series,  Athena is an idol that pre-dates Vocaloid’s Miku by like, a lot, as she appeared in King of Fighters 94!

Not the same character!

Athena’s first game was 1986’s Psycho Soldier, and it should be noted that she is not the same Athena that debuted in SNK’s other 1986 arcade game, Athena, but is in fact her descendant.


Athena-cutesydressWhile she is best known for being on the Psycho Soldier team in King of Fighters with the likes of Kensou, Bao, and Chin, Athena’s own game is known for actually being the very first game to feature a song with vocals in it! Whiole only in the arcade game, the famicom version did come with a cassette that had the song in higher quality, and that is what is below!

Happy Birthday Athena!


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