What not to do on a Sunday.

picture113I rarely start these things with a suggestion of what NOT to do on a Sunday. After all, you already are blocked with time constraints, such as restaurants closing early or not being open at all. Anyways, on this Sunday, whatever you do, do NOT rearrange your furniture. Maybe I should restate that as do not rearrange furniture that cost you under $100? I’m pretty sure that my new computer desk is being held up mostly due to gravity now. Awesome.

no takers

This all happened while I was re-watching Rick & Morty season 1. You know what? Just re-watch Rick & Morty, as many times as you can, wherever you can.

If you do not dig Back to The Future parodies, then how about re-watching some My Little Pony? Season 6 starts next Saturday, so now might be a great time to catch up! Where first? Why not The Equestria Girls movies, because they are totally canonical, and the third one is the last thing to have happened in the time line thus far.

thatswhatimgoingtodoThe first Equestria Girls movie is pretty funny, has a decent amount of ponies in it, and while the songs aren’t as great as the show, they have at least one that is pretty nifty.

Rainbow Rocks is better than it deserves to be, and has some weird moments, but amazing visuals?

Friendship Games, to me, feels a bit weaker. They abandoned a subplot that would have made it better, but the opposing school’s principal has a song that is reminiscent of The Hunchback of Notre Dam’s ‘Hell fire’ song, called ‘Unleash the Magic.’ Hell, if you do not watch the movie, and want a hell of a spoiler for the third movie, than watch it down below.

If that is not enough for you, in the short time that Sunday has left, you could always go fight some copyright claims on your YouTube page. Just saiyan.


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