My very first video game purchase

Same Christmas, we received The Power Glove. It was returned and Super Mario 2 was kept. Huh.

When I was a small child, almost all of the games that we played were either rented or borrowed from a friend. The few that we actually had, were special. You received them from some momentous occasion, such as Super Mario Bros. 2 during Christmas, or sadly, The Legend of Zelda II: Link’s Adventure a few months later for my birthday. Thankfully, I had a brother and sister who played Nintendo, so there were still a few other cartridges around to pop into the NES, but I digress.


Receiving a video game was sometimes more important than the actual occasion that manifested the opportunity to receive it.

One such time was when I lost my first tooth. I can not for the life of me remember if it was from my father’s needle nose pliers or from the string on the door knob that made the tooth come out, as sadly between myself and my siblings there has been a lot of blood and teeth ripping out of children’s skulls.

While most children receive somewhere between $0.25 – $5 tops, my tooth fairy was special! for our first tooth, we received $50! To this day, when I explain this story to me peers, I see the same face that kids on the playground must have made in 1990, anger and disbelief.

My mother took me one night to Toys”R”Us , and I was allowed to peruse the store for something I liked. Now, I was a child with money in hand that I had literally earned with my own tears and blood! Whatever I purchased, had to be amazing!

Seriously? $50 for loosing a tooth?

My mother, not allowing this to be a teaching moment, said that whatever it was, that she would cover tax even! So what did I pick out? Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers, naturally! I was 5!


Being 5 in 1990 was amazing, as The Disney Channel had some of the most awesome cartoon shows of all time on, and Capcom seemed to be churning out licensed gems left and right, such as the previous year’s Dark Wing Duck and later in September of 1990’s Little Nemo: The Dream Master!

To this day, I can not even remember how far we got in this game, but I remember those damn robot dogs who remind me of Mousers from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon! They haunt me still!

The best part of this memory, for me at least, was getting to chose what brand new video game I got to purchase. That moment is so amazingly powerful for a kid of that age. Sadly, in this world of $5 off pre-owned games at FuncoLand GameStop, with seven day satisfaction guarantees, I wonder how many children get to have and appreciate such a life changing moment?


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