Cosplay Day Out 2016

Cosplay Day Out 2016

P1150791It’s always hard to talk about an event that a friend of mine runs objectively. What was good and what wasn’t is always hampered by the fact that I often, for lack of a better phrase, get to see how hotdogs are made.

Cosplay Day Out had the typical things that people expect from a cosplay picnic of it’s longevity. From a game of Red Rover that had the weird ages skewing from young to too old to be playing it, Cosplay Chess, and of course a Cosplay Contest, there was certainly a lot of chances for everyone to have fun.

Cosmic Empress as Marvel comic’s Thor

If organized fun is not your thing, the venue that they continue to use is a very large park, with a huge grass field where you can wonder away from the covered pavilion and do whatever you want at your leisure, and some did.

The Openness of Schott Park, found in Humble, Tx is above average for photos. Large enough to not get a lot of unwanted people in the background, and if you are willing to drag people away from the pavilion, there are certainly locations in it that will allow for some diversity in photography over all.

The owner of the picnic, Ojy, had a table devoted for snacks that were on sale that included things such as mochi, Pocky, Ramune, and other Asian treats. The previously mentioned Cosplay contest had prizes for the winners, as well as door prizes for those who registered on their website and stuck around until the event was over. While those requirements seem pretty easy to achieve, a lot of the initial names that were randomly selected were, sadly, MIA when the time came for prizes. Oh well. Those people also missed out on the free snacks they threw out to the devoted fans who stayed as well.

Cosplay Day Out 2016 was rather enjoyable, and I can not wait until the next event that I will probably end up helping out at that Ojy does, Cosplay Prom! For more fun pictures from this event, there are some photos below, as well as more photos that can be found on my flickr gallery here:


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