New image from Ghost in The Shell

nullDreamworks has released this image of Scarlet Johansson from Ghost in The Shell, and well… *sigh* She’s not The Major.

White washing is a major problem in Hollywood, and this image is proof that even in 2016, erasure is still happening and is still not okay, especially considering how important this movie could be. Name one movie this decade with a positive Asian female main protagonist. Yes, Pacific Rim had Rinko Kikuchi as Mako Mori, but the main character was still Raleigh Becket, played by Charlie Hunnam. The Major is Ghost in The Shell, so even if they every single actor and actress was Asian, this one was the only one they really had to depict properly!

Ghost_in_the_shell(6)What’s even sadder, is the idea that maybe this is just The Major’s robot body. In their universe, you can augment yourself until you are what some might deem ‘the perfect’ version of you, weather it’s implants into your brain, robotic appendages, or just a robotic body that is whatever age, sex, and race that you want it to be with you literally just being a brain in a robot.

Could this be insinuating that someone of the Mongoloid race’s ultimate body could be a Caucasian race?

CaptainBritain13At this point, I feel even weirder about another upcoming film. Fox’s inclusion of a certain offensive X-men character in their upcoming X-men Apocolypse movie, the Caucasian born character Betsy Bradrock , who is the 100% biological sister to CAPTAIN BRITAIN, Psylocke. since comics were weird, and I suppose her British body wasn’t hot, or exotic, or whatever, she ended up becoming Asian, and no one really ever talks about how she appropriated an entire race, complete with ninja skills. The only reason I’m 100% okay with Olivia Munn playing her is the fact that she is both British and Asian, so… it’s.. eh? comics are weird, we shouldn’t do what is in comics some time, Whatever.

Hollywood needs movies with strong women, but they don’t all have to have Scarlet Johansson as that strong woman.


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