Teenage Mutant Throwback Turtles

Turtles01I finally got around to watching last month’s episode of  the 2012’s Ninja Turtles mega crossover with the original ’87 Turtles called, Trans-Dimensional Turtles. While watching it, I found it very hard to… well… care.

It borrows so heavily from the plot of Turtles Forever, it hurts. There isn’t a lot of new here. Oh,and one more thing… so I guess Turtles Forever isn’t canon to this, because the ’87 turtles never mention it? Whatever.

digital-short-tmnt-trans-dimensional-remix-music-video-16x9I love animation, and I like voice actors, but I think for me personally, animation > voice actors. This episode has all of the original voice actors from 1987, which Turtles Forever did not have. That being said, Turtles Forever’s animation style looked a lot better in 1987’s universe than this episode’s.

I understand that it’s a budget thing, but if you can not do something well, than what is the point? They could have just gotten away with pulling the ’87 crew into ’12’s universe and maybe a few seconds of well done animation at the very ending. The voice acting really didn’t save this for me, sadly.

The ’87 universe comes off very flat, and the animation style used looks more like something you would see on the internet as opposed to broadcast television. What I mean by that, is that it looks cheaper, quicker, and just not as impressive as the original.

Teenage-Mutant-NInja-Turtles-e1457408886802If you love the 1987 show, expect the constant berating of how dumb the original characters are, similarly to how Turtles Forever did, with no real redeeming value, except when they go into the 3D world of 2012’s turtles. That was refreshing to see done well… enough.

They quickly go into the original indie comic, but it was cut extremely short, thankfully, as this show tried to do way too much for the amount of time they had, so everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, feels rushed and rehashed.teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-forever-01

Old school Turtle fans, skip this and get the real homage that was Turtles Forever unless you want to shell out the money for the entire original series which is an option.  Below is the episode on youtube that someone has posted, but that should eventually get taken down… one would assume?


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