Trigger Warning! I’m misappropriating exhaustion!

rosaryI get it. I do not understand what it means to have something that I hold dear misappropriated by the masses.

If I want to wear a Japanese school girl outfit and walk around with a katana, I’m an insensitive asshole because I do not understand the history of the object I hold, nor the ramifications I would face for carrying it around say, Tokyo.

JB SF SNLAlso, I will never understand how wearing a sailor fuku is an important and symbolic part of being a Japanese girl, and that is why, for example, Naoko Takeuchi made these outfits symbols of empowerment in her mega hit manga Bishōjo Senshi Sērā Mūn.

How about we make these teachable moments though, realize that all we can do is try to get others to at least empathize with our feelings, and not get so bent out of shape every time we see a sexy girl and a drunken douche bag wearing a Native American head dress.

Why? Because some of these jerks end up being Wednesday-Fucking-Addams!

Victims are fighting back and not pulling punches as they start to become almost as bad as the people who offend them.We sadly live in a world where feminists, for example, can somehow complain about the lack of trigger warnings but have no problem showing a menstruating female Jesus Christ, still with beard, so please everyone… Calm The Fuck Down before we kill each other.

Sailor Moon Music Collection

In all seriousness though, the fuku is more about how my calves look in the skirts.


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