Devil’s Advocate over Ghost in The Shell rage

Devil’s Advocate over Ghost in The Shell rage

Max Landis, an American screenwriter, director, producer, and actor explains in a YouTube video why we should be mad about Ghost in The Shell as opposed to why we actually are. Basically, it is a western societal issue.

Youtuber Alachia Queen made a video with her thoughts, and ultimately the problem is NOT the fact that The Major is being played by a Caucasian actress, but by the fact that it’s this actress as well as how boring the leaked screen shot is. Really interesting point of view.

Below is the original Japanese trailer for Ghost in The Shell, just to get an idea of what to expect from the new live action movie.

If Pacific Rim 2 had come out, and Rinko Kikuchi’s role had been expanded, maybe she would be Major Kusanagi Motoko as we would have an A list Asian woman at that point that could sell seats. I guess we aren’t there yet?

jla_witchblade_tapaI feel like maybe this movie should not have even been about The Major. There was a comic by Top Cow that had a woman named Sara Pezzini in it, and she had this mystical weapon that always choses the strongest woman to be it’s wielder.

Well, then a crossover happened, and then Wonder Woman had The Witchblade. Then a manga came out, and it was set in the same universe as the western comic, but about Takeru Ibaraki having The Witchblade. Then there was an anime where Masane Amaha had The Witchblade. Then there was a novel where a 15 year old Japanese girl had The Witchblade. Then there was an anime. My point is, that worked because it was about different people in different (mostly the same) part of the world having this amazing item. Well… couldn’t Ghost in The Shell do that?

Ghost-In-The-Shell-Scarlett-Johansson-as-MajorThey should have saved The Major for later, had the movie set in some sort of Neo San Francisco or something, and maybe even had Kusanagi in it later down the road. OR, maybe Japan could have made a movie set alongside this one, same universe, same event going on, and BAM! Two movies! There are robot bodies all over the world… just saying…


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