Why I canceled Mer-Monday yesterday

Why I canceled Mer-Monday yesterday

IMG_20160416_121606I live in what is called ‘The Greater’ Houston area. An area just North of Houston. To the North East of it, they had Trader’s Village Comic-Con, which really was a let down of an event for me, but damn it… I was going to find something to blog about it, even if it was just this Ariel piñata I found at the larger part of the flea market that was not comic-con related. That was Saturday.

On Sunday evening, close to midnight, there was a tornado warning in my county. Then, there was flood warnings until 1pm the next day. I waded in water up to the top of my socks in order to get to my car in the morning and head in to work. Later that day, Harris County was declared a disaster area, as the dams were releasing over 5300 cubic ft of water per second, I felt like later that day it would be insincere to make a post about humans who have aquatically adapted into a thriving community under the sea. Below are a few of the photos I took in my neighborhood a few minutes ago at the park down the street. FUN STUFF!

Yesterday, I could have shown stranded cars in ditches, but i felt like that was too grim. So how about some happier stuff, on this new, Mer-Tuesday?

Sadly, this was all the mermaid goodness I could find at Trader’s Village. Take care, everyone!


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